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    Stay Connected

    Social Networking Makes it Easy!

    Every SU grad takes a different path in life, but it’s easy to stay connected to friends and former classmates through a number of social networking sites that keep alumni in touch with SU and each other. 

    • The ’Cuse Community is SU’s original social network. Need to update your address, e-mail, or current employment? Want to search for college friends, submit a class note, or read about your fellow classmates? Join today—membership is free and exclusive to SU alumni!
    • You’re probably familiar with the Facebook pages for Syracuse University and Syracuse University Alumni, but did you know that there’s a special page for the NYC region? Check out Syracuse University NYC.
    • The same goes for Twitter. Follow @suinnyc to stay up to date with Syracuse University in the New York metro area.
    • Of course, we can’t leave out LinkedIn. There are groups for Big Apple Orange, the Syracuse University Alumni Club of New York City, as well as for the Syracuse University alumni network and ’Cuse Connect, the career advice group sponsored by the Center for Career Services.
    • Find more ways to connect. See a list of social networking and media platforms for SU schools, colleges, and organizations in SU’s Social Media Directory.